P211 .T45

When I first heard about this assignment I was not sure what to expect in this "Scavenger hunt". I did not realize where the object of the hunt was located. Last semester I had a class in the Poole building and after that my next class was a chemistry lab in Hunter. So every Wednesday I would leave the ag quad and go towards the library and then turn left and go behind the Academic Success Center. Every time, I would walk beside this small silo. When it came to finding the first clue I knew exactly where to look. The clue that is there is a round plate in the middle of the silo. There are two font sizes on the plate. In the big font there are two letters, five numbers and a period. The order was P211 .t45. In the little font there were two words. The word at the top was "Ref" and the word at the bottom was "Cooper". That is when the hunt became real because what do they mean. Is it secret code for something. So I googled the sequence and the results mad me laugh a little. I laughed because I had to google it instead of making the connection from the plate saying "Ref Cooper". I was thinking it was a secret code but it is really a secret book that is stored in the Cooper Library.

I thought this represented rhetoric because if you could see the library directly to it that may have persuaded you to go there.

When I got to the library I asked about the book and the person there knew exactly what I was looking for. I got the book and was expecting some sort of educational principles or a story inside. This was not the case. The book itself is composed of blank pages. This allows for the person who checked it out to become creative and possibly use rhetoric like the previous people who have checked the book out had. Some people signed their names, some wrote poems, drawings, doodles, stories you name it, it was in there. Each and every page in the book that had any type of work on it used rhetoric. Maybe they drew a picture of one of their experiences that persuaded you to experience new things. Even if all someone did was write their name maybe that persuaded you to sign yours. There are endless ways rhetoric was used in the secret book. Just like every book in the library has it's own ways of using rhetoric.

Even this assignment was rhetoric. The assignment persuaded me to go to the silo. the clue located there persuaded me to google it and discover the secret book. My google search persuaded me to go to the library to find this book. Then the book persuaded me to get creative on one of it's pages. I guess you could say I fell into the trap of rhetoric.

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