cause and effect by chris brewer

America was found by Columbus but there are many reasons for him being there in the first place. Columbus himself wanting to break into the exploration business was trying to find any reason for him to go out and explore. Before he could go explore though he needed a ship with a crew and some money. so this is how he would get these things and find America along with some of the effects this would cause.

firstly, Spain wanted spices and they wanted them quickly because of the rarity of meat. second, Columbus said he knew a shortcut compared to the way everyone else was going. Not only did he know a shorter route, he was willing to go out there and explore it himself. third, Spain decided to fund Columbus on his journey and gave him three ships fully outfitted with crew and all.

the effects are shown in a simple format, first, this new land had natives that showed them new animals and spices. second, the new land he found had very fertile soil for growing spices. third, Spain later made a trade triangle which involved this new lands spices and natives. these effects would have a great impact on the future events of the world.


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