Disney is an awesome place to visit By:Grace Farah

What people need to know is that Disney is an awesome place to visit. You should appreciate it because Disney is entertaining,it is a good place to spend time with family,and there are things for everyone.

Disney is an awesome place to visit because it is entertaining.Once I went on a ride where I could drive a car. I didn’t win but I had fun,so much fun driving that I wanted to drive again . There are many rides to entertain us like the Peter Pan ride the Mad Hatter tea cups (which is my favorite) and Mount Everest.

Disney is an awesome place to visit because you can spend with Family and friends. For example you can hangout In epcot and go on the rides and also eat at restaurants and watch shows. You can also hangout in magic kingdom and watch the fireworks. Once I was together on Main Street with my family and we got ice cream,chit chatted, and even got to watch a parade.If you go during Christmas time you can see a special Christmas parade.

Most importantly, Disney has things for everyone, like the tea cups for people who like to spin. And roller coasters for people who like big drops and going fast. Also slower rides like the Winnie the Pooh ride for little kids or people who don’t like thrill rides. One time my sister Lola went on the Seven Dwarf mine train,.(Which I don’t like.) and Lola loved it. After I took Lola on the teacups and she loved that too. The teacups are my favorite.

As I wrote this it made me think about the fun I’ve had in Disney. It really is an awesome place to visit with your friends and family and I hope you have as much fun as I did.


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