Good Life Tour of the Harn John Kim

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: The art work I saw was called Tiangis Arial Reflex by Melanie Smith. It is an arial view of Mexico City. Seeing this art work in person helped me understand and better appreciate the work by not just seeing it as an ariel view, but it gave the picture a deeper meaning. What I found so striking about the medium of the artwork and the technique of the artist was that the picture was realistic and showed me a better understanding of my surroundings. The picture made me think of deforestation and made me feel bad. However, the picture was made to illustrate the effects of materialism, consumerism and deregulated capitalism. It communicated the idea to me that you never know how bad a situation is until you step back and look at the bigger picture. The picture made me feel bad for the planet and think about how selfish and uncaring we are as humans.

Tiangis Aerial Reflex by Melanie Smith

Design of the Museum: The design of one particular part of the museum was appealing to me because it projected a video of an African culture dancing on a screen while across from it was a huge mirror that was the same size as the screen. The mirror made me feel like I was actually apart of the dance and in the video. It was not the lighting. The use of space was effective because more than one person can look in the mirror and experience what I experienced. The arrangement of the video and mirror definitely made me experience this video in a unique way. The exhibit made me feel weird at first, but then I realized that the mirror makes you feel as if you were really there, and it made me appreciate the video even more.

Art and Core Values: Russkie #92 is a picture of three generations of proud women in their domestic domain with a baby. This picture appeals to my core value of family. The visual representation of the artist allows me to explore and perhaps even better understand or appreciate the core value of family showing me that family always comes first, and that family sticks together. For example, the grandmother seems to be the mother of the lady in the red, and the lady in the red seems to be the mother of the lady in black, and the lady in black seems to be the mother of the baby. The artwork instills an emotion of care in me. It help me better understand what I believe or cherish by actually showing me a family so close nit together. For example, when my parents get old and they can no longer care for themselves, I will care for them instead of putting them into a retirement home.

Russkie #92 by Anastasia Khoroshilova

Art and the Good Life: The artwork by the Guerrilla Girls conveys the theme of Embodying the Good Life. The work evokes the theme by showing how females are more sexually represented in art work than men. For example, this work reminded me about "Our Barbies, Ourselves" by Emily Prager and how Ken dolls were made with no genital or sexual equipment. Like the Ken dolls, the uneven amount of male nudes compared to female nudes shows as if the males sexual equipment was more mysterious, more powerful, and more worthy of the dignity of concealment. It seems as if females in nude arts are seen as sexual objects as Barbie was seen as a sexual object or equipment in contrast to how males in nude arts are seen and how Ken was made. The work communicates the theme of Embodying the Good life by showing how women are still seen as sexual objects through their physical appearance compared to men in this male dominated society. It adds to my understanding or appreciation of the theme by helping me understand that physical appearance becomes enmeshed in the pursuit of the good life.

Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? by the Guerrilla Girls

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