Eddie Adams a famous photographer

Mother teresa 1978 India

Eddie, also known as Eddie Adams was born June 12, 1933 and passed away in September 2004. Eddie Adams was a photojournalist and war photographer who covered 13 total wars.


Eddie is well known for his portraits of politicians and famous celebrities. Although he didn't work for a magazine, he worked in Vietnam for an Associated Press Base and that's when he snapped a picture of one of his well known photographs.

1968 prisoner

Eddie Adams used a 35 mm lens on the camera and it was a full frame.

Haiti 1976

Adams started taking pictures at the age of 12 and continued his passion until he thought he was a good photographer. Eddie believed after taking that photograph, (of the prisoner in war being shot) that he actually got more negative feedback, he was then labeled a war photographer.

India 1978

Other Facts:

Adams cause of death wasLou Gehrig's disease. Not until after Eddies death, were his war photographs published. Eddie Adams was a perfectionist and his book projects were always delayed till 4 years after his death when they were finally published.


More Facts:

Eddies famous photo was said to really help his break through. He even won Pulitzer Prize, but the photograph still left Adams conflicted.

Haitian women 1976

The Vietnam war was a turning point for many photographers careers including Eddies. "No war was ever photographed the way Vietnam was, and no war will ever be photographed again the way Vietnam was photographed," said Adams.

Dead vietcong 1968

Life as a war photographer was actually dangerous. 60 journalists and photographers were reported dead in Vietnam, yet young photographers were eager to replace them.

Soldier 1970

Eddie Adams considered himself a patriot and Marine after the war and said that his pictures never told the whole story.

Arnold 2003

This photo was taken a year before the death of Adams. This is one of his portraits of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Louis Armstrong, Las Vegas, 1970

Another example of his portrait work featuring Armstrong himself....

I would say that I like Eddie Adams photographs, most are in black and white and to me there's just something about it that shows the raw purity of people. Some are clearly posed like the one above of Louis, yet there are some frames of that one perfect moment, where everything becomes real and that, that's why I like Famous war photographer and photojournalist, Eddie Adams.

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