WeWOOD More than a Watch Company

WeWOOD is an Italian luxury watch and eyewear company.
WeWOOD uses 100% natural materials in their all wooden watches. All products are extremely lightweight, 100% non toxic, and free of any chemicals. Those are their eco-materials along with the names and type of material.
WeWOOD has dedicated themselves to planting one tree for every watch they sell.
Although headquartered in Italy, the United States has seen the most of their conservation efforts.
They have partnered with American Forests and Trees for the Future to carry out their conservation efforts.
WeWOOD uses all natural eco-materials. Most of which take the form of wood itself. Although they use cut wood to make their products, the amount of trees they have planted is vastly greater than the amount it has taken to create the products.
People love WeWOOD. They are paying well priced watches that are eco-friendly while putting trees back into the environment. Read the comments below if you can't see why WeWOOD is doing so well. Click the button to be guided straight to their "Customer Reviews" page.

Watches and eyewear can be bought on Amazon, WeWOOD’s website and at any of their locations. Major locations include Lamporecchio, Italy; Los Angeles, United States; Poole, England; Melbourne, Australia; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Those are the official WeWOOD stores. They are sold in retailers all over the planet. To find a store near you use their Store Locator.

Yellow = Headquarters; Red=Most Production; Blue=Major Distributing Centers

The watches are mostly made in Indonesia and China. The watches are distributed by Winshport LTD in England, Branched in Australia, and Grupo Zarco® in Brazil. Lamporecchio, Italy and Los Angeles, United States are their headquarters and also distributing centers. Select models are made in the United States in Los Angeles and in Italy in Lamporecchio. The US and Italian made products are part of special collection.

Adverts from their US Made Collection and their Italian Made Collection
With the help of customers and partners, WeWOOD has planted 442.246 trees across the globe since their reforestation program began.
By expanding their collection of styles and improving product quality, they hope to earn support in reaching the goal of planting 1 million trees by 2020
WeWOOD has been featured on numerous major websites, magazines, TV networks, and news programs. Above in clockwise starting at the top left are Geek.com, WIRED, Green Prophet, Press Release, Forbes, Watch Pro, and Inhabitat.

Connect with WeWOOD using social media, their blog, or their website. WeWOOD uses a blog (https://us.we-wood.com/blog/) and multiple social media platforms. Use #WeWood to connect to them. Officials accounts include @wewoodwatche (Instagram).

WeWOOD is not a large company, but they have a large heart for the environment. They provide safe, nontoxic, all natural products that are sleek and stylish. You get a luxury feel while saving the forest and paying moderate prices. They are available all over the internet, whether it be their blog, website, or social media. Together, we all can help WeWOOD achieve their goal of planting over 1 million trees by 2020.

-Zac Bonzheim

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