Celebrating Canada taking a look at the things that make this country great

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday. Our country has come a long way and has progressed to be one the greatest countries. Let's take a look at what I personally love about this country and what makes it so special.


Canada has a particular sense of food that differentiates itself from other countries. Every country has its culture and food plays a big part in that. I think our most cultural foods areĀ poutine and maple syrup. Amongst some my other favourites include ketchup chips, Coffee Crisp, and of course, Nanaimo bars.


Poutine is a dish made of french fries sprinkled with cheese curds and covered in hot gravy. Definitely a delicious concoction. It even makes me want to experiment with interesting food pairing. This dish originated in Quebec in the 1950s. There are some speculations as to who actually created this dish. A man named Fernand Lachance in Warwick, Quebec claims to have created the dish by first adding cheese curds to his fries to serve his customers. When his customers complained about the fries getting cold too quick, he decided to pour gravy over it to keep it warm. Another man named Jean-Paul Roy in Drummondville, Quebec also claims to have created the poutine by adding cheese curds to his fried with "special sauce". With whomever this dish originated from, it definitely spread from Ontario, to nationally, to even being able to be found in USA making poutine a Canadian special.

Famous "Smoke's Poutinerie"

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is something Canada is famous for all around the word. It is made in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. The history of maple syrup goes as far back to the First Nations. The First nations, specifically Iroquois and Ojibwa, began by boring holes in sugar trees letting the clear say leak from the trees. They called it "sugaring off". This sap is then boiled to create a dark syrup. This process has been adapted by settlers and has been in use till today's time.

top: different types of syrup, left: sap coming out of trees, right: sap being boiled to syrup

Cultural diversity/immigration

Canada is a very diverse and welcoming country. This country hasn't always been this way, but the progress it has made has been substantial. This country has had the highest proportion of immigrants out of the G8 countries in 2013. Canada is one the top immigration countries in the whole world. With all of this in mind, this country is made of 20% of immigrants. Our country has even expanded its immigration policies as to allowing over 40 000 refugees since November 4, 2015. I always loved how diverse Canada is. So many different kind of communities are able to practice their beliefs in a free environment. It allows us to widen our horizons of such diverse cultures. It's good to be exposed to these things. With so many people immigrating to Canada, it doesn't ruin the Canadian culture, it only adds to it. Canada has become, to me personally, a safe and sustainable place that welcomes all and is able to accept all.

Cultural diversity is important!


Canada has some pretty iconic animals. We even take pride into honouring our animals by putting them on our money. Our nickel features the beaver, our quarter features the caribou, our loonie features the loon, and our toonie features the polar bear. Anyone who watches animal documentaries must know how diverse our wildlife is. We are home to the biggest north american land animal, the bison. The bison is an iconic North American animal because is its dependence to the First Nations and early settlers. We are even home to the biggest animal on Earth, the blue whale. We are home to a lot of animals up north including the polar bear, arctic fox, and seals. Unfortunately, these animals in this region are subject to danger. With climate change, the arctic is slowly melting and it's getting harder for these animals to survive. We must in our daily lives help to reduce the damage we produce by being more eco friendly. These animals deserve the same right to live as do humans. These animals do so much for the environment and without them, the environment will surely perish. Canada is very known for providing many of the oil and gases we use in our daily life, but with obtaining them, it causes habitat destruction. We need to care about Canada's wildlife. We have such a diverse amount of animals from hosting the smallest birds to be the home for some of the biggest animals. Canada's wildlife is a very important part of this country's identity and land.

All of Canada's amazing attributes make Canada a great country. I think Canada has came a great way, so here's to celebrating Canada's 150th!

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