Southern Africa Pages 377-396

Landforms and Bodies of Water

1. The region of Southern Africa consists of the 10 southernmost countries on the African continent.

2. Several of the region's countries are fairly large.

3. The country of Madagascar occupies the world's fourth largest Island.


The northern plateaus extend from Malawi across Zambia and Angola.

The region of Southern Africa consist of 10 southernmost countries on the African continent

Southern Africa is bored by the Indian ocean

Bodies Of Waters



Orange Drain

Which type of landform is commonly found in south africa


South Africa has a humid climate

The tropic of Capricorn crosses the middle of Southern Africa

The high elevation make the temperature cool

Temperature Zone

northern Angola and northern Mozambique have a tropical wet-dry climate

Each area gets as much as 70 inches of rain per year

Desert Region

Desert Region

Western South Africa, western Namibia and much of Botswana are arid.

In some years it gets no rainfall

Namib gets very little rainfall

Question: because much of the interior of South Africa is at higher elevation.

Question: Uranium,it is important because that is where they get some of there money.

South Africa's Resources

The republic of south Africa has the largest mineral reserves in the world.

It is the world's largest producer of platinum,chromium, and gold.It is also one of the largest producers of diamonds.

Energy Resources

Mozambique has a large deposit of natural gas.

Angola is one of Africa's leading oil producer

Minerals and Other Resources

Namibia is one of Africa's richest countries in mineral resources

Gold is a leading export for Zimbabwe


Wildebeests, lions, zebras, giraffes, and many other animals can be found across the region

Lesson 2

Rise of Kindoms

southern Africa's indigenous people have inhabited the land for thousands of years

Great Zimbabwe

Around A.D. 900 the Shona people built a wealthy and powerful kingdom in what is now Zimbabwe.

Great Zimbabwe was the largest of many similar cities throughout the region.

The Mutapa Empire

Like the Great Zimbabwe the Mutapa thrived from gold.

The Portuguese took arrived and took over the coastal trade in the 1500's.

Other Kingdoms

The Zulu Leader Shaka united his people in the early 1800's to form the Zulu Empire in what is South Africa.

A series of kingdoms rose and fell on the island of Madagascar from the 1600's to the 1800's.

European colonies

Around 1500, Portugal and other European countries began establishing settlements along the African coast.

Clashes in South Africa

The Africans did not like the Dutch pushing into their land, and soon started fighting over it.

Union of South Africa

War in Europe gave Britain control of the Cape Colony in the early 1800's

Colonialism in other areas

While the British and the Boers competed for South Africa, other European countries were competing over the rest of Africa

Question: France

Independence and Equal Rights

French rule in Madagascar ended in 1960, making it the first Southern African country to gain independence

End of Portuguese Rule

While other European nations gave up their African colonies, Portugal refused to do so.

The birth of Zimbabwe

After granting Malawi and Zambia independence, Britain prepared to free the neighboring Zimbabwe

Equal Rights in South Africa

After independence the growth of South Africa's mining and other industries depend on the labor of black Africans who greatly outnumbered the countries whites

Lesson 3
People of the Region

The population of Southern Africa is overwhelmingly black African.

Population Patterns

Southerns Africa's countries vary widely in population.

South Africa and Angola are about the same size.

Surprisingly, Malawi is also Southern Africa's most rural nations.

Ethnic and Culture Groups

Africans are not a single people

About 4 million Tswana form the major population group in Botswana

Groups like the Chewa, Tsonga, Ambo, and San illustrate an important point about south Africa history

Religion and Languages

Southern Africa's colonial past has also influenced its people's religious beliefs.

Portuguese remains the official language in Angola

Question: Christianity

life in southern africa

As in other regions of Africa, life differs from city to countryside

Urban Life

Most people in the region of Southern Africa live in the countryside

Urban Growth and Change

The rapid growth of some cities has strained public utilities services such as trash collection, sewage, and water distribution

Family and traditional life

People who move to the cities must adjust to new experiences and a different way of life

In the countryside traditional ways of life remain strong

Question: The countryside

Southern Africa Today

Southern Africa's wealth of mineral, wildlife, and other resources may be the key to its future

Health Issues

Life expectancy is very low


Malaria is a tropical disease that is a problem in a lot of Southern African countries

Southern Africa has the highest infant death in the world due to diseases

A major cause of death for adults is HIV/AIDS

Progress and Growth

Angola and Mozambique continue to rebuild cities

Oil exports in Angola and aluminum exports in Mozambique help finance

Help from other countries

The U.S. has used economic aid to strengthen democracy in southern africa

Other countries and international organizations have also made huge investments in the region

Question: Disease


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