Think Joan Jett meets EDM. D.W. Waterson is a badass DJ that plays punk rock drums at the same time! Sounds like a wet dream? You’re right. Pumping out her signature pop electronic remixes and deep house anthems she spreads it on thick with a buttery blend of party licks and live drum solos. Her high-energy performances will make sure to get your blood flowing on the dance floor.

Voted as one of the TOP DJs in Toronto 3 years in a row, D.W. most recently completed her first North American sold out tour with Mystery Skulls as well as debuting her video ‘Things I Do’ on PRIDE.com with over 19k views.

Not only a DJ, D.W. is also a multi-faceted talent: creator, writer and director of the award winning web series That’s My DJ as well as all her own music videos & live performances. D.W. is a 5-time award-winner of Best Director and has won Noteable’s 2017 Director of the Year.

D.W. also just finished working with Idris Elba on his brand new DJ Netflix series “Turn Up Charlie” in which she was hand chosen by Idris to consult on the series and flown to the UK for 3 months.



D.W. is also the founder of Home Brew, a 5-year old ongoing party bringing together the best of Toronto’s female identifying and LGBTQIA+ artists together.


Listen below to D.W. WATERSON’s NEW singles // 'Dancing In The Night' & 'All The Girls With Boys Names' //

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D.W. Waterson


Lindsay Duncan

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