Picturing their future Seniors sit down for photo sessions

Photos by Erin Cristales

Kerra Jones waits as Glamourcraft consultants find a drape for her senior yearbook picture. Students took pictures in their casual clothes, drape or tux, and cap and gown Saturday.
David Amaral's dog was his favorite prop. Not only he did he take casual photos with his four-legged best friend, he also posed with the pooch for his cap-and-gown photo.
Picture day was emotional for parents, as many looked on with tears in their eyes as their seniors sat for pictures.
A student fixes their hair as they sit silhouetted against the "casual photo" backdrop.
Kaitlyn Gresham leans against a chair as she takes casual pictures during senior picture day.
Wardrobe changes were abundant during senior picture day, as students changed from street clothes to tuxes and drapes to caps and gowns.
Brittney Dear blends in with the backdrop as she sits for her senior portrait.
Karson Harris' mother, Amy Perkinson, holds a mirror for her daughter as a Glamourcraft photographer adjusts Harris' drape.
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Erin Cristales

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