On The Trail of The Monarchs Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature on Display

I found the exhibit with all of the chrysalises hanging together particular intriguing. I liked how they put the life cycle of the caterpillars on such a visible display. Not to mention that seeing them all so bunched together and close was particularly eye-opening. From this exhibit, I learned about the conditions that these butterflies can undergo metamorphosis in, that it doesn't necessarily need to be wide open spaces, separated from one another. I don't know that I would have been able to have the same experience had I simply seen a picture of this, so I really liked how the museum really opens up the life cycle of the butterflies to visitors.

Nature and Ethics

This particular exhibit his relatively close to home, as we have kept butterfly garden largely focused on Monarchs at my house for as long as I can remember. Seeing this exhibit just reaffirmed the importance of providing such a space for the others. While I didn't personally notice any others having experiences that instilled in them a mind for conservation and protection of nature, I feel like the combination of the natural beauty of the butterflies information about how they may soon struggle to survive and reproduce would at very least point people in the direction of feeling like they need to be protected.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The final thing I want to showcase is the pure, natural beauty of the inside of the butterfly garden. The natural history museum helps you to step outside of your normal life, and literally, into this other world of the butterfly garden. Being able to walk around surrounded by nature like this shouldn't be something we take for granted. This can allow us to relax and destress, and be able to get more enjoyment out of our lives.

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