Sumo LiFe of a sumo wrestler

Religion and tradition.

Sumo wrestling is a national sport in the Japanese history. Sumo wrestling was made back 1,500 years ago. Sumo reportedly began as a ritual in Shinto ceremonies to entertain the gods. According to another legend the emperor seiwa the Chrysanthemum Throne in A.D

Food and drink

Sumo wrestlers drink bear and eat high protein food. Food they eat are stews deep fried food and hamburgers steaks. Taking long naps after they eat is traing them. For 5 hours they have a empty tummy. Sumo wrestlers don't eat breakfast.


Everyday the sumo wrestlers go to the stables and train. The stables are in a circle. One other name for a stable is "beyi". There are 6 groups are of stables. There are about 54 stables in one area.

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