Angelina’s ranks as top Italian cuisine in Westport By: Jake Navarro ’20

Walking into Angelina's, located in Westport, I was welcomed by a wait staff, but wasn’t impressed with the atmosphere. The lack of noise and decor made the restaurant seem quiet for a Saturday night dinner.

After walking in, I noticed it was a small, one-room building with a kitchen, but the tables are spaced out making it a comfortable place to sit.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

After I sat down, I was immediately given a basket of bread, a cup of water and a menu. I was overwhelmed by the number of choices.

The dishes ranged from New York cheese pizzas to authentic chicken parmigiana. I decided to start with broccoli dish as an appetizer and a chicken parmigiana for the main course. After five minutes of waiting, my broccoli dish came out and soon after that my chicken parmigiana came.

The broccoli dish was a good size for an appetizer, but it was loaded with gobs and gobs of garlic. However, after taking the first bite, I realized that the garlic actually made the dish taste so much better. The broccoli was soft and melted in my mouth after I took a bite.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

The chicken parmigiana came out within minutes. The plate was covered with a large piece of chicken parm and angel hair pasta on the side. Once I cut into the chicken parm and took a bite, the roof of my mouth burned due to the sauce. However, otherwise, it tasted delicious. The chicken parmigiana was cooked perfectly.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

My trip to Angelina's made for a great weekend dinner. The service was very quick and I felt relaxed. The price was also reasonable. For one of the biggest dishes on the menu, it only cost a total of $16.50. With all the factors included, I would give my trip to Angelina's a 7.5 out of 10 due to the fact that there was no atmosphere to the restaurant, otherwise, my trip was very delightful.

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