Chapter 9 section 3 By stevie

Barter is to trade

Towns such as San Antonio Goliat and nacogdoches were each home to more then 1000 people mostly Tejanos

By 1830 Texas was producing about 500000 worth os stuff

Sawmills cut wood into usable piece

William goyens wealthy by running a black smithing shop and other businesses

Exports items to be sold in other places

imports item bought from other regions

In 1820 about 2000 people lived there

By 1835 nearly 1000 people lived there

By 1835 San Felipe in Austin colony was larger then San Antonio


Created with images by GLady - "one world trade center manhattan owtc" • t-mizo - "Night View with Tokyo Tower Special Lightup <Invitation for 2020 Olympic Games> (Shibakouen, Tokyo, Japan)"

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