Feudal Japan Customs Which made Feudal japan thrive

Feudalism was about having trust.You need trust to make it work out. for example, the emperor or shogun gave the daimyos land. The daimyo paid the samurai, and the peasants gave food all around. It was good for Japan because it was helpful, it pertained to everyone, even the peasants. Its what most systems are made for, like a feudal system. The shogun came first, then the daimyos, after the samurai, and last peasants. It helped keep structure in life.

Bushido had a code, which was the code of the samurai. It mean," way of the warrior. There were many things that you had to do to become one. Those things were like being honest, truthful and fair to others. It also taught warriors to be fearless.

Religion was very important for warriors. There was two types of religion. The first one was is Zen which was meditation and to be as calm as possible. Another one was Amida which showed that you can reach paradise and can have a great life. It also taught that you can reach Enlightenment.

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