Depression K.Mackey


The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, published May, 1991. The main idea in the book is that a 16 year old named Holden Caulfield who got kicked out of his school and is now roaming around New York and avoiding going home. Depression is a feeling of severe dejection and despondency. With the definition of depression I believe throughout the book, Holden is suffering through depression.

Holden is exhibiting depression throughout the book. Depression can be shown by, " Feeling of guilt, worthlessness. or helplessness." An example showing that Holden was showing his depression is, " I wasn't tired or anything. I just felt blue as hell. Then something happened just as I got in the park. I dropped old Phoebe's record... I damn near cried, it made me feel so terrible... but I didn't feel like just throwing it them away. then I went in the park. Boy, was it dark"( Salinger pg. 154). Being depressed and negative about everything is Holden's disposition in general.

Another reason why Holden is exhibiting depression is that a symptom of depression is " Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities." In the book it shows this in this part of evidence, "When I got to the museum, all of a sudden I wouldn't have gone inside for a million bucks. It just didn't appeal to me... If Phoebe'd been here, I probably would have, but she wasn't"(Salinger pg. 122). With this evidence this shows that Holden is suffering depression with lack of being able to do activity.

J.D. Salinger published the book The Catcher in the Rye with it being about Holden Caulfield who is traveling around New York for the weekend after getting purged or getting rid of himself from his school.

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