The U.S Constitution six guided principles - Taylor nicolace

the u.s. constitution

The U.S. Constitution established America's national government, fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens. The official document was signed September 17, 1787.

popular sovereignty

Popular sovereighty is when the govnerment derives its political authority from people. Popular soveneighty is the idea that all govnerment power comes from the people. ''We the People'' the people are the source of the govnermets powers and mean all people have power over the govnerment.

Limited Government

Limited government principles of the constitution is when the govnerment specifically states what powers the government has and does not have article 1 section 9. One example of limited government is when prisoners must be brought to court to stand trial. Also the principal of limited govnerment makes it government leaders so they can't be above the law.

Separation of powers

The separation of powers has 3 branches legislative, executive and judicial article 2 section 2. Each branch has a specific powers also legislative branch enacts laws and puts laws into place they are the law makers another branch is the executive the president is the one who carries out all the laws and commands arm forces in addition the judicial branch is the last branch and it interprets the constitution and enforces the laws as a result all legislative powers herein granted congress and the shell consists of 3 house of representatives.


Federalism was mainly focused on the states and how none of then became their own country article 1 section 10 clause 2. they couldn't enter into a confederation also the federalist denied the state they can't make their own money.

Checks and Balances

Checks and balances are meant to prevent any branch of govnermemt from coming too powerful article 1 section 2 clause 5. Presidents can also makes treaties with other nations. For example, the President does not have unlimited power.

Representative government

Representative govnerment is about how we vote using the electoral college is how we vote for representative to pass laws for us and with those representatives they debate on the be half of society instead of people voting directly on laws article 2 section 1.

1)what are the first three words of the constitution what do they mean

2) is it valid that governments have different laws then states

3) write a brief outline of what each branch does

4)can you distinguish state laws between federal laws

5)how would you have handled it if you were the president and you got outvoteed on making a treaty

6) can you devise an alternative to better govnerment and election process

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