Photography Portfolio by jack

These are unique art pieces that will make you try to guess what they are. My technique was to make them blurry. They were also supposed to make you feel like it is special. If you don't know what it is then try to focus on the colors you think about where you might have seen them. These were also taken so they would make you think. I got my inspiration the first time I walked into the rooms were these artistic designs were.Each of these photos are art and I used the art of technology to make them even more special.

For these two photos I was thinking of using an out of focus style. I thought it would add more to the photo.

For these two I thought it would be cool to try a new lighting for the photos. I also cropped some of the photo out

I focused on nature in these photos. I thought that black and white would allow me to see these with out their beautiful colors.

I also focused on nature in this assignment. Kampsville had lots of berries and I thought it would make a good photo.

For the product ad I thought that of a place where you could find objects of many sorts and I thought of the lost and found. I also remembered that sometimes on tv you saw ads with crayons or markers making a face and used that same idea.

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