A Message to Younger Self By Kyle Byrd

Hey little buddy. I’m sure you're probably playing out in the front yard, you found a stick that looks like a wand and you’re casting a spell to make all the evil go away. You’re probably to busy, making mud pies with your best friend across the street, or hiding behind the couch eating play doh. And HEY! Stop doing that. Its weird. Also stop collecting rocks. Find something better to do.

I'm here to tell you that you aren't going to be that shy little kid all your life. You’re going to join band and everyone is going to want to be your friend, or at least until you scare them off with your laugh. You’re going to start dating people, and then wishing you didn’t. But most of all you’re not going to feel dumb all your life. You aren't and never will be in unintelligent. You think about everything constantly and you are so stubborn you will do everything to prove yourself right.

I know at this point in your life you hate doing homework. You hate reading in front of the class because you read way slower than everyone and you get F’s on every spelling test there is. I'm here to tell you that the homework is just going to get harder and there's no reason to fight with yourself about doing it. Freshman year is going to be a big turning point for you. Your going to learn that turning in something and getting a 50/100 is so much better than having a zero. Homework is there to help you and once you figure that out you will do way better on tests and make better grades. You will never read as well as your classmates. But you’re not going to be ashamed of it all your life. Its how you were born. You can thank dad for that gene. Being ashamed of yourself because of something you can't change is not okay. There will be times that you read and you don't have to stop once to sound out a word, and those are the moments you need to look forward to. Just try your hardest.

Now being shy is not a good characteristic to have. It's harder for you to make friends and it make you a really anxious person. Talking to people helps you learn. Having multiple ways to think about different ideas helps you solve problems quickly. It helps you process and comprehend. So talk to the people sitting next to you and ask them what their ideas are.

Honestly when I was you, well I am you. Anyways, I never thought I was going to graduate high school. It was so far away and when I was told I had a disability I thought I could never be as smart as my classmates. I wish I didn’t think that, because now I’m going to be graduating high school in about five months and I’m so proud of us. I've learned how to deal with the cards we were given. Thank you for never giving up on yourself. Now go have fun and live our life.


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