4B5 Ava Cahnman mY tRIP TO eLLIS iSLAND

I came from GERMANY AND I remember LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW OF THE SHIP AND SEEING ELLIS ISLAND. I WAS 10 YEARS OLD AND WAS ON 1ST CLASS. i TRIED TO HELP PEOPLE ON 2 CLASS BUT PEOPLE WOULD CATCH ME. WHEN WE GOT OFF WE ALL STARTED CRYING CAUSE IT WAS THE HAPPIEST THING EVER. 1st class came of first cause they thought we were important.by the way my name is Ava Cahnman. My mother and father and grandparents are rich. when we heard we were going on a boat we first had to make sure we did not have a disease if we did we couldent go on the trip. when we were on the boat there was a crash and we got of first and some people on 2 class died. They gave us sandwiches and drinks. some people had to eat rats and go to the bathroom in a bucket. They dident have beds all they had was the floor to sleep on. some people only had 1 bag and were dirty cause they were really poor. They had to put an x on my mother cause she had a small diseses that would go away. I meet a lot of new people from a lot of diffrent places like a girl named sue chuckback. All the children had to get a job my job was to take all the suit cases and give them to everyone. when we saw ellis island we said this is our freedom. Now i am living in chicago illinois. now i am a teacher and i make a lot of money.

this is the statue of liberty
  • adobe spark is a good source.
  • i like how you can do pictures.
  • I also like how you can do a glide show.

1. It was a gift to the united states.

2.it weres a crown with 7 rays.

3. they stand for the 7 continents.

4. she holds a tourch

  • I liked how you can see them getting of the ship.
  • i also like how they show you the pictures so you can imagine what is was like.
  • last i like how the people who saw ellis island first were speaking about how they felt.


this is a map of Germany.

this is our flag that shows that this is germany

these are houses in Germany

This is a castle were people visit and see the old fashion things.

this is a city that is very bright in germany


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