ACZM Newsletter Volume 13.1 2020

President's Letter

As I write this message, my primary thought is that I hope you, your families and work teams in our extended ACZM community are well. The last six months have brought unprecedented personal and professional global challenges related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I’m inspired by the many stories from individuals and groups working tirelessly to address the overwhelming and urgent human and animal welfare needs. As a group of ACZM board certified veterinarians intimately familiar with the importance of One Health initiatives, we understand better than most of the world the ever-increasing risk of disease crossover between wildlife, domestic animals and humans. Our diplomates are doing incredible work across a wide variety of roles, transforming current challenges into opportunities that are contributing to the health of the planet and the well-being of the populations of animals that we share it with. Working individually and collaboratively, ACZM Diplomates are employing their skills to provide needed expertise, to educate the public and students, and to advance our field through research and innovation. I’m so proud to be part of the ACZM and this phenomenal group of dedicated and driven professionals.

Your ACZM Executive officers and committee members have been working very hard through the first half of 2020. They have gone above and beyond to accomplish numerous projects in support of you and the College. Please read on to hear about the amazing work these ACZM Diplomates are doing fo the ACZM and its members.


Your ACZM President,

Jen Langan

ACZM Exam Prep Course Goes VIRTUAL for 2020!

October 3rd - 4th, 2020

The ACZM Prep Course is typically held in conjunction with a conference each year, providing 1.5 days of learning and networking opportunities. This year 10/3-10/4, the course has the same great opportunities but with a new and exciting virtual format over Zoom. The ACZM Education Committee has partnered with the North Carolina State University Office of Continuing Education to provide 1.5 days of content including introduction to the ACZM Exam format and structure, in depth literature reviews on a variety of topics, Q & A sessions with members of the Exam and Credentialling Committees and Mock Examination. Most exciting is that this year the course will provide 9 RACE CE credit hours. The course is open to all veterinarians whether interested in taking the ACZM Exam in the near (or far!) future or any veterinarian who would benefit from a detailed review of topics in Zoological Medicine. For more information, including a complete schedule and details on registration, please visit the ACZM website!

Introducing the 2019 New ACZM Diplomates

Typically we introduce our new Dips in the spring after their pass boards, but 2020 has been a blur! Better late than never to meet the 10 new Diplomates that joined the ACZM family in 2019...

Introducing the newest additions to the ACZM family, from top left and across: Michael Hyatt, Lynnette Waugh, Benjamin Lamglait, Kate Gustavsen, and Molly Gleeson. From the bottom left and across: Kate Archibold, Ellie Milnes, Jennifer Niemuth, Kyle Donnelly, and Jeff Applegate

Diplomate in Focus: Jonathan Sleeman, VetMB, Dipl ACZM

The ACZM has so many great Diplomates to talk about, its hard to choose just one for each Newsletter. This edition, we have taken some time to track down the very busy, world traveler, Dr. Jonathon Sleeman who is the Center Director for the US Geological Society's National Wildlife Health Center.

Want to learn more about our amazing Diplomates? Check out a few of our prior Diplomates in Focus!

Michelle Davis, DVM, Dipl ACZM, Dipl ECZM

Joerg Mayer, LV, Dipl ACZM

Kirsten Gilardi, DVM, Dipl ACZM

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