8 Things You Should Know About the mountains By: Keegan Hagger

#1. IT'S COLD! Vail, one of the small towns within the rocky mountains has an average temperature of 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

#2. There are some amazing views.

#3. When people think of the mountain sports, they think snowboarding an skiing, but there is quite a few more including mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, rafting, ice skating, trekking, snowshoeing etc.

#4. The best places to ski/snowboard

#5. Altitude sickness is real. It happens most often in people who go from lower altitudes to 8000ft and higher, and is caused by a lack of oxygen. The best way to combat this is drinking lots of water and making sure you eat enough food.

#6. Daytime is short. An average day in Vail during the winter lasts about 9 1/2 hours going from sunrise around 7 to sundown around 4:30

#7. Mountains can hurt! On average there are about 75 serious injuries during the summer due to summer sports and around 44.7 serious injuries and 41.5 deaths per year due to winter sports, and those don't count the minor injuries like broken wrists, arms etc. The best thing to do to avoid injury is to make sure you are wearing the appropriate gear for whatever sport, and make sure to be aware of your surroundings.

#8. The best time to go to the mountains is between July-October and late December-early March. This is because from the end of March to June the snow is melting and making the ground extremely wet, which is also known as monsoon season or mud season, which doesn't allow many mountain activities. The other reason is because from October to December the opposite is happening, the snow is just starting to fall, but it isn't building up it just falls and melts every week or so.

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