Digital Marketing Proposal To, Concerened person


Your digital marketing programme has four complementary objectives.

1. Attract potential customers to your website using social media marketing, Google Adwords advertising and digital advertising.

2. Build trust and demonstrate your expertise by providing potential customers with valuable and relevant content in the form of articles, guides and videos.

3. Identify which potential customers show the most interest in your content and develop a business relationship with them.

4. Communicate with your existing customers using email and social media and encourage them to purchase additional services, provide positive reviews and referrals.


1. Google Adwords Advertising

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Remarketing


  • It is a process of improving a brand's web site for effective search engine rankings and also to increase the number of website visitors. Search engine optimization is the fundamental part of Internet marketing strategy.
  • Its objective is to maximize the benefits rendered by major Search Engines, Increase your search engine presence, rankings, no of visitors and ultimately the sale of your products.
  • Pay per Click (PPC) Campaign Management service allows a site to be advertised on various keywords selected by the advertiser when a particular search is performed on the selected search engine.
  • Increases lead from your website with highly targeted & right audiences

Project Details and Financial Proposal: (PPC)

  1. 18 % Of the total ad-words Budget per month will be the service charge.
  2. Estimated budget per day will be INR 20,000 / 100 leads

2. Social Media Marketing

Over a billion people use Facebook to connect. Based on their location, age and more, we can introduce you to the people who’ll love your business.

  1. Facebook’s average is 89%. Your business gets more value from every advert.
  2. Helping people find you when they search online
  3. Being discovered on Facebook through News Feed, Graph Search and Nearby
  4. Building relationships with new and existing customers


  1. Your Page represents a business with a location, it’s important to add address to get special features that will encourage engagement and reach people when they’re on the move.
  2. Understanding the kind of content that your customers will be interested in and then posting regularly will help you establish a strong presence on Facebook.
  3. Visual posts such as photos and videos look great in the News Feed and tend to get a lot more likes, shares and comments than other kinds of posts. You can also try special posts such as offers, or create an event for a special occasion.
  4. One of the most important things we can do to make sure you’re successful on Facebook is to understand who your customers are and the kind of posts that will interest and engage them.
  5. Page Insights are the analytics behind your Page that will give you information about who is connected to you and an overview of how they’re responding to the content you share.

Project Details and Financial Proposal: (PPC)

  1. 18 % Of the total Facebook adverts Budget per month will be the service charge.
  2. Estimated budget per day will be INR 20,000 /100 leads


If someone visits your website after clicking on a Facebook or Google advert, they may not always complete an action, such as making a purchase or giving you their contact information. One great way to remarket to them is by using your Facebook pixel and Google digital prints , formerly known as the Custom Audience pixel, to create a Custom Audience from your website. It'll help you:

  1. Bring website visitors back to complete a purchase
  2. Find new customers who are similar to your website visitors
  3. Get more value from new customer acquisition campaigns by excluding existing customers.
  4. No additional charges, could be managed with the actual budget.


Surendar @ - Digital assests Manager

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