Revolutions In Society By: jacob morgan

Past: The Industrial Revolution


As developments in technology increased so did population and this increased demand

The U.K. Had plenty of money to invest with

So a deal was made with the Americas to have the U.K. Help with funding and the us export items to U.K.

More things like the steam engine and other inventions like the spinning Jenny and other fabric weaving machines were created and helped keep up with demand

Spinning Jenny

Positive and negative effects

Child labor was a huge problem and wages were terrible for adults and children poverty was common work places were dangerous

Sad little children working

Disease spread around very easily because of over crowded cities and crowded work places

When cities were still developing there was no waste management system so trash gathered up and created harmful disease


With the increased production more people could afford goods but there was a large amount of poverty still

Present: The Digital Revolution


With the invention of the digital camera photo journalism has been much easier

And with the invention of the computer this made everything much more accessible to everyone and made life much easier with more and more advances in it now we have smart phones that are faster and better then most computers

With the smart phone revolution life has been made so east as to we can order fast food on a phone and go pick it up or have someone deliver pizza with a few clicks on a screen

Health and Wellness

People are loving longer then ever now with the advancements in medicne


With the invention of the plane and helicopter you can travel almost anywhere in hours which use to take months or sometimes years if something went wrong

Also with the improvement of the car cars are now cheaper and more widespread so people can get around easier

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