Does God Exist? Elena Gorman

The Design Argument

The universe is huge. Laminin is little. However, don't under estimate it, because it has a very important role in life. The laminin functions as a complex part in the basal lamina, which is the protein foundation for many cells and organs. In other words, laminin is what holds the human body together. How does the laminin know what its own function is? Well, every design has to have a designer, every instruction comes from an instructor, so that must mean that laminin has an intelligent creator. Who could this creator be? Well, humans and Or evolUtionary processes couldn't have created laminin, because they wouldn't be alive to do so. This points to a superior creator, one that existed before us, before the heavens and the universe.

Someone far beyond the intelligence of a living thing is behind the creation of the laminin. It is not possible for a human To think with such complexity to create the laminin. If a human or an EvolUtionary proCess did happen to make it, there would be so many malfunctions and faults to the laminin. Without laminin, bodies would fall apart, and much of life would not exist. But this superior creator thought of every problem and came up with a solution. This creator cares for his creation. This creator loves his creation. This Creator is God.

Laminin points to no other, but God. its cross sHape is no coincidence And It proves that it is created by God. Collosians 1:17 says: "He is before all things, and in him all things will hold together." It is in christ that our bodies hold together. Nothing can outdo Him. His greatness, His intricateness, His superior intelligence, His caringness towards His creation, His perfecTion. How else would there be Laminin, let alone a person or animal. Without something so little like laminin, life would not be able to function and exist!

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