Gathering The nevada staTe democrat conventiOn 2016, paris, las vegas

A selection of photos taken around the hall during the 2016 Nevada State Democrat Convention at the Paris Hotel/Casino. The started peacefully and friendly but as the day progressed, tensions began to grow. Rule changes favoring the candidate Clinton were made prior to the convention in that instead of awarding the state’s delegates to the winner of the second tier, they awarded them to the winner of the first tier. Nevada Democratic Party chairwoman Roberta Lange was also given final say on all voice votes.

The Sanders delegates and supporters considered these changes heavily favoured Clinton and tried to submit motions to block them. They were unsuccessful. To add to their grievances, several dozen Sanders delegates were removed from the convention for allegedly not being registered Democrats in the state. This gave the Clinton side a majority. Voice votes were made to approve the rule changes. Despite video evidence clearly showing the nay votes being louder than the ayes, Lange declared the ayes the winner and adjourned the convention. The convention at this point had run later than scheduled.

The Clinton delegates then left the room leaving behind them bewildered and angry Sanders delegates who refused to leave until their questions about the conduct of the convention were answered. None were coming. Instead they were informed over loudspeaker that if they remained they would be arrested for trespassing. Then the police marched in.

It should be noted that reports in the news media that the Sanders delegates became violent and were throwing chairs were false.

Jessica Rabbit was a Sanders supporter.
After Lange declared the convention over, Sanders delegates approached the stage.
Sanders delegates let their feelings be known.
The hall, now half empty after the Clinton delegates had left.
Yelling was the most violent action taken that day.
One individual urged attendees to sit down in an effort to make the officials on stage recognize them.
Eventually the police marched in to arrest any trespassers. It ought to noted that the chairs were not thrown to this location, they were moved there to be sat on.
Now that the threat of arrest was clear the Sanders delegates peacefully left the hall. Before this a call to gather outside the Nevada Democratic Party headquarters the next day. Roughly 100 people attended. There was also a protest rally on the Las Vegas Strip in front of the Bellagio.

Identities for some of the folks in the photos has been lost. If anyone recognizes anyone pictured above please contact me at buccifoto@gmail.com

A Fuji X100s was used to photograph this event.

Photos taken at Sanders rallies and the county convention can be found at the following links: