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We are designing a town hall! It's functions include: an area for voting, the government works there, it holds important documents, and it provides jobs! One smaller thing is getting married here! Town halls can be big, small, tall, short, or any other shape because they only have to be standing, could stand out, and people have to like it!

A town hall somewhere in the world.

- area for voting

- jobs

- holds documents

- government works here

- people can get married here

Dawson graduated from Greenville College and has won multiple awards for great landscapes and is the landscape architect. Eduardo graduated from Florida State University and has designed 5 great buildings and has won an award for great buildings. He is the chief architect. Bryce graduated from Cornell University and is famous for his wondrous creations. He has won a Nobel Prize for Architecture and is the interior designer and he is the gen. This is totally not fake and is definitely true!

A college in the world.

Now we start the BDE Designers architecture blog!

Where you enter.
Just before the video.
Bird eye's view.
The whole photo.

To do this we took ideas from Frank Lloyd Wright's work which is his love for nature so we made our building fit in with nature. Since the basic theory of architecture is 'function over form', we built our town hall to stand out with a tall clock tower which will ring loudly and a lot of landscape features to help it stand out! Each person worked on their own part. Bryce was doing Interior Design and General Contractor while Eduardo did his job as the chief architect and the Clerk-of-Work. Lastly I, Dawson, was the Landscape Architect. We were looking at each other's work and made it so we could match each other with our own features. In conclusion, this structure shows that its form works with its function.

Our Challenges

Credits: Eduardo-Chief Architect and Clerk-of-Work Dawson-Landscape Architect Bryce-General Contractor and Interior Designers


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