Tour of Florida Museum James Sanchez

Nature in Display: Fossil Exhibit

Fossil Exhibit was very appealing to me. It was full of fossils and skeletons that were of animals of the past. I really like science and the history of the Earth and it really was interesting to see all the fossils. The fossils really captured my attention and how big the animals use to be was just amazing. I learned that there were so many more animals on Earth than we have today. I found that exploring all the different history and animals was the most enjoyable part of my experience in the museum.

Nature and Ethics: Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit

I believe the National History museum really helped me experience nature in the way Leopold explains. While I was in the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit I really admired the butterflies and all the plants around me. I learned to love and respect nature and not take it for granted. Other people really acted the same way I did and admired the butterflies. No matter the age of the individual everyone admired the butterflies. I feel like the museum did a great job in allowing visitors to connect with nature because it had the visitors explore nature through the past and present. I think my experience in the museum especially in the butterfly exhibit instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold explains because while I was in the Butterfly Rainforest I felt like a member of those butterflies and I admired,loved and respected them during my experience.

Nature and Human Spirit: Frog Exhibit

I think the National History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives. It brings us to learn about nature and the history of the Earth we live in. It helps us appreciate nature and appreciate the world we live in. It shows us how beautiful nature is around us and helps learn to not take it for granted. I really liked the frog exhibit because it help me better understand how animals are just like humans and we live in this world together and we shouldn't take each other for granted. I felt like the museum really made me appreciate the mystery and majesty of the world around me.

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