HIGH SEAS How the habitat of high seas Are getting damaged


State some of the benefits of having the habitat?

Provides Habitat for many different species to survive such as whales, sea turtles, sharks etc.

Produces food for humans.

Produces more than half of the planet’s oxygen.

It regulates the climate, both by trapping the sun’s heat and by absorbing some of the carbon dioxide we realise in the atmosphere.

It gives us energy in the form of wave, wind and tidal power.

State what things impact on the habitat?

How clear the water is (Turbidity and Sedimentation)

Natural Disasters - storms, earthquakes etc.

Water pollution - waste, toxic metals etc.

Hot Climate - rising water levels

Oxygen levels

Water movement (waves, tides and currents)

Salinity (amount of salt in water)

Density of Water

Overfishing - ghost fishing

Summarise what types of science research do you think has been done to show how the habitat has been understood?

To understand the importance of the high seas Scientists would have studied the food web and food chains because they would need to know how different species rely on each other.

They might have studied the adaptations of the different organisms because the adaptations would mean that organisms can survive in the habitat and what would happen if their habitat changes their ability to survive.

Scientists would send divers to find out quality of water, population and size of fish living there. They might also see how changing the quality of the water might impact the growth of species living in the High Seas.

Study and find out what the main harms/threats are and impacts humans are making. Find out what actions can be taken to solve these issues.

Describe and summarise what could be done to help protect the habitat from human environmental damage?

The number of commercial fishing boats visiting the high seas could be restricted, banned or reduced. This would stop overfishing and stop over-exploitation of many fish stocks.

We could also stop ghost fishing because ghost fishing is the result of nets and other fishing materials that accidentally or intentionally gets abandoned in the seas.

Reduce the amount of pollution we are making, make sure to recycle, decrease the amounts of chemicals used, conserve energy etc. This would stop sea levels from rising and ice caps melting into the seas each year.

We could also build a underwater monitor to monitor and maintain the turbidity and quality of water. This could also help Scientists for their research.

Reduce the amount of buying and consuming seafood. This can have an impact on the fishing industries and also stop people from overfishing.

Describe and summarise Who do you think you could present the importance of the habitat to, in order to help save it? Why? (More than two)

I could present this to the government so that they could make new laws and take action to help save the high seas.

I would also present this to the owner of commercial fishing boats so they can realise how they are damaging the habitat of the high seas and what they can do to stop this. They would help because they would need to continue doing this in the future.

I could present this to fishing industries so they can reduce amounts of fishing and help creating awareness about habitats in the high seas.

Lastly I could present this at a school assembly to create awareness about how the habitats of the high seas are getting damaged by humans, because then the students could tell their parents about this and everyone in the school including Teachers could start taking action to help save the high seas. I could also create awareness posters and stick it around the school so more people can look at it in detail.


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