Canada has gone through many changes in it's long history. It's interesting past has caused many people to predict it's future. What will happen to our native/ Inuit communities. How is our immigration/emigration system changing,how will these trends change our future. These are just some of the questions I will be answering in my web page along with my opinion of Canada's demographic changes.


yearly birth graph

As you can from the graph the total births in Canada are increasing at an average of 386,420 births per year meaning that they have an a rounded total of 12 births per 1000 people. I predict that by 2050 the births in Canada will continue to increase at constant speed given that even with negative factors, Canada's births are still increasing steadily.

Death rate

Canada has a death rate hasn't really had a significant change over the years and currently is at a rounded total of 8 deaths per 1000 people. I predict that by 2050 the death rate will reach an all time low due to advances in medical careers and other medical factors. Moreover Canada's leading causes of death have been due to neoplasms(cancer) and a medical advance can put that factor into a decline.

Natural increase/ immigration

Natural increase is no longer a major factor in Canada's population growth. Immigration being Canada number 1 leading factor in population growth. This year Canada welcomed a little over 300,000 immigrants in to country. I predict that in 2050 immigration will continue to the number 1 factor in population in Canada.

First Nations canada

In 2011, the first nations population only represented 4.3 percent of Canada's total population. The Aboriginal population further increased by 232,385 people,(20 percent. By comparison, the non-Aboriginal population grew by just 5.2 per cent during that same time period. Estimates aboriginal population can change drastically depending whether reported to the Indian register. Aboriginal births are not always reported thus changes "stat cans" population numbers.


In conclusion, Canada in 2050 will look more diverse with a higher immigration population and lower death rate. Natural increase will continue to decrease due to factors such as religion social norms and education. I predict that by 2050 the Canadian population maybe even double. Canada will be older, the statistics of seniors may even raise to 1-4 Canadians thus reducing the working class to 6-10 Canadians. Therefore i predict that Canad's population will continue to rise and thrive .


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