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Christmas Time

Christmas is a time of year when families and friends come together and enjoy opening gifts,Christmas cookies, decorations, snow, Christmas dinner and so much more. Christmas has many different meanings to each family. For some Christmas is a sad time. For example, it reminds some people of a loss, a failed marriage, a desire, or even a loving relationship instead of being alone. But for many Christmas brings happiness, such as kids that wake up Christmas morning to a tree filled with lights and a bunch of presents under the tree that are all for them! For others, like parents, it's a time of relaxation, an escape from stress and work and a time to spend with their children, family, or loved one.

Christmas in some houses is based off religion. For example, Christians. The significance of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ and the celebration of his birthday and thanking him for all he has done. Kids in school also look forward to break and being able to relax and enjoy time with friends and family and sleep in. Also many people look forward to the New Year. Many people set New Year resolutions and set goals for themselves in the New Year. Without celebration daily life becomes a routine. Christmas is the most celebrated holiday. This is because it’s a happy time. Things may happen, but people still find a way to enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas and enjoy your Christmas this year

The Grinch: An Updated Version of a Classic for Christmas

For me, there are several movies that come to mind as a “favorite Christmas movie”. My favorite, however, was Dr. Seuss's “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” starring Jim Carrey because it showed me the real meaning of Christmas is not the materialistic things, but spending time with the ones you love.

Now the company Illumination (the creators of Despicable me) have remade the movie, but instead of being live-action again, now it's animated with the Grinch being voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA Dr. strange in the Marvel movies.

So the story goes like this, in a town called Whoville lives his grumpy person called the Grinch that lives far from Whoville that hates Christmas and wants to destroy it. Soon Christmas Eve arrives and the Grinch goes down into Whoville and steals all the presents and decorations from everyone's house. He has one more house to go which is where Cindy Lou who lives, She really wants to meet Santa so while the Grinch was stealing everyone presents he dresses up as Santa. Cindy thought that it was the “real” Santa and wished for the Grinch to be happier. This event caused the Grinch to realize that maybe Christmas isn't so bad after all and on Christmas day the Grinch gave all the Who’s their presents back.

In this new movie version, they added new characters like a yak-looking reindeer named Fred to help the Grinch's dog Max pull his sleigh into Whoville. A small detail to add is that the end is more religiously based, which is good in my mind because many people lose sight of the Christmas which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I also think that they implemented the religious part of the movie well. This new rendition of the movie was way more sentimental. You feel bad for the Grinch when he was alienated for being different. There was also a very touching scene where the mother and Cindy Lou are happy to be together. This part of the movie was perfect. In the original, I was almost scared of the Grinch as a kid until the end, but in this movie, you can see The Grinch's struggles and almost feel bad for someone that you're supposed to dislike. Finally, and my favorite part of the movie, is the soundtrack. A rapper by the name of Tyler the Creator made the soundtrack for the movie and also made an updated version of “You're a Mean One” which was originally written by Dr. Seuss. Overall, I would rate the new Grinch movie a solid eight out of ten because of the feelings and message that are shown throughout the movie and show what a Christmas movie is supposed to be.

From The City, From The Plough by Alexander Baron

By: Brendan Papich

From The City, From The Plough is a book by a British author, (which you might have been able to tell with how he spelled plow) about the blood, sweat, and tears shed in France in 1944. This book is very realistic because the author (Alexander Baron) was actually a part of the battles described in the book and the book was published originally after the war in 1948. Nowadays, this book has fallen to the wayside, but back in 1948, this book was extremely popular because people wanted to see what our soldiers actually went through. When I read this book I enjoyed it a lot because I knew that anything I read in this book could be taken as truth. I like this because I am interested in WW2 history. This book does accurately portray WW2 and does not sugar coat it at all. This book’s essential theme also reveals that when you are in a war there is no real difference between you and the people you fight with. They are all your brothers in arms and you have each other’s back. Overall, this book is extremely moving and has everything from underdog stories to harsh battles on the western front. If your a war buff be sure to dig a little for this gem and check it out!

Christmas Movie Channels by Justin Paler

Every year during the Christmas holiday seasonal movies get pumped out on almost every channel, and whether you like it or not they stay there for a few months. Often the question arises of “which channels are better?”, and I think the answer is solely based on the content that they produce. Hallmark and Lifetime are among the most popular holiday centered channels and both produce a wide array of content. Both channels churn out Christmas movies with very traditional plots and similar concepts, and both thrive off of Christmas and previous holidays. Lifetime has made over 40 Christmas related movies, and Hallmark has created a whopping 136 Christmas movies. Now one may be thinking that Hallmark obviously must be superior based its movie number alone, but that can be very misleading. Although Hallmark has far more movies, each plot is nearly identical, and some movies were made much better than others. So on a more simple ranking, Hallmark has created around 40 good movies, 60 okay ones, and another 36 very avoidable ones.

Hallmark’s movies are relatively simple in concept as well, but their simplicity can be seen in a refreshing way. With a Hallmark movie, no one expects a multi-layered plot. All people want is to be entertained and enjoy what they are watching. Contrarily, Lifetime creates movies with a plotline that is a little more involved and often has more surprising elements. This doesn’t mean that some of Hallmark’s movies aren't a little deeper, only that Lifetime produces these more regularly. On the flip side, the general message of Lifetimes movies are identical to Hallmarks and it’s hard to see how they couldn’t be. You can only do so much with a Christmas movie on a small budget. Personally, I think that I enjoy Hallmark’s movies a little bit more than Lifetime’s, and that is simply because Hallmark’s are more calm and easy going. There are no tricks or surprises in any of them and it makes for a very wholesome movie. When you sit down with your family and tune into Hallmark don’t be surprised if it isn’t exactly like higher budget movies, that of which have solid action, relatable comedy, or a captivating plot. These parts of movies are a bonus, but not always needed in a Hallmark movie. What they lack in big budget they make up for in realism and wholesomeness.

500-year-old Skeleton in Leather Boots

By Lina Voegele

A 500-year old skeleton of a man was uncovered face-down in the mud by London’s river Thames. What is remarkable about this particular discovery is that the skeleton was found wearing thigh-high leather boots that are nearly fully intact. It was found in the Bermondsey neighborhood in London.

The discovery of the leather boot-clad skeleton has prompted archeologists to investigate the site further before moving forward with the “super sewer” construction. According to Mola Headland, the firm in charge of the sewer construction project, leather was a highly coveted material during the Tudor times in England.They believe that it would have been highly unlikely for a corpse to be buried with such a valuable item, which indicated to them that this man’s death was probably an accident.

Leather was a precious material during the Tudor era in the U.K. The Tudor period was one the most exciting in British history. The Tudors were a Welsh-English family that ruled England and Wales from 1485 to 1603, starting with the first monarch King Henry VII (1457–1509). The Tudors ruled for 118 years and Tudor England saw two of the strongest monarchs ever to sit on the English throne: King Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I.

The NBA has an Exciting Future!

By Jon Boberg

With some of the greats in the league slowing down and retiring teams are looking for young talent to take over. Smaller teams are looking to build up young due to the formation of the super teams in the NBA. They are struggling to bring in all-star talent. Well, lucky for them there are some exciting and impressive athletes coming into the league. This year everyone is getting a taste of the Slovenian phenom rookie Luka Donic. At just nineteen he's making a big name for himself on the Dallas Mavericks. Other rookie stars like Deandre Ayton (20 years old) and Jaren Jackson Jr (19 years old) are also making great impacts in the league. Ayton who was the first overall pick in the 2018 draft has been a threat down low for the Phoenix Suns. While the whole team has had another disappointing start to the season, he has proven he can play in the big leagues. Jackson, on the other hand, has played his way into the record books already. He was the fourth player in NBA player in history to have 250 points, 40 blocks and 20 steals through his first 20 games. The only other player to do this are hall of famers David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, and Bill Walton. Jackson has also helped turn his team around from the horrendous season they had the year before.

With young players like Donic and Jackson teams are trying to find other players who can do the same. NBA scouts are scouring the NBA to find the next Michael Jordan or the next Lebron James. All eyes are on Duke University. Duke managed to score one of the most anticipated athletes this year. That athlete is Zion Williamson. He has blown up in the basketball scene recently. He has stricken fear into the hearts of some NBA players already. A physicist also calculated that taking a charging foul from him is equivalent to getting hit by a jeep going 10 MPH. There are many more exciting athletes soon to hit the big leagues and make the NBA even more exciting than it is now next to this year's sensational rookies.

Climate Change: The Reality

By: Caitlin Kelley

In a recent study, a group of researchers analyzed multiple fossil records dating back hundreds of years in order to watch how the planet’s vegetation changed as Earth first climbed out of the Ice Age, thousands of years ago. By using the data collected, researchers are now predicting how vegetation will change in the possible future. What they found is rather shocking and can change your entire perspective on climate change as a whole.

According to the study, the data collected from the fossil records show that the world is extremely sensitive to drastic changes in temperatures. This suggests that if fossil fuel emissions were to continue undealt with, an inclination in high temperatures could lead to dramatic changes in both vegetation and ecosystems around the world. That type of warming could lead to changes in the amount of carbon that plant life stores, the earth’s water supply, and the global biodiversity that all life depends on. From the peak of the last ice age, roughly 21,000 years ago, to the present, the planet warmed by 4 to 7 degrees Celsius. If greenhouse gases aren't significantly reduced, then the magnitude of high temperatures that occurred over the span of 11,000 years following the end of the last Ice Age will happen over a much shorter period of time which could be easily be 100 to 150 years.

In addition, the researchers found that the warming period after the last ice age played a large role in vegetation changes around the world. Areas that had the greatest temperature changes also tended to be those with the greatest vegetation changes. The changes in plant life were most evident in higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as in South America, including the Indo-Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand as well as other countries in Oceania. There were also some sites that showed very little change in vegetation. However, nearly all sites with low change also experienced low temperature changes. This study was based on Paleolithic conditions, and the present-day vegetation isn’t comparable to the vegetation in those conditions. Aas human activities have changed, the Earth’s land surface in roughly 80 percent of its original surface.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why forests are going to have a rough time adapting to climate change in the future than they had in the past. This is because climate change is real. We're already seeing some changes in plant life as of today. For example, the warming of the planet is creating dryer ecosystems in certain parts of the world, such as the western United States, Australia and Eurasia. Studies have shown that this is likely due to the drastic change in climate caused by human activity.


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