My Catapult By:Mariana Peters


  • Romans won wars
  • smartest war weapon destroy cities
  • Weapon was a catapult.
  • Romans changed how wars were fought
  • history lesson
  • Science presentation.

Physics Concepts

This is a Trebuchet catapult.
  • And for the Trebuchet the formula is X*V*Ti
  • Vx is equal to the initial velocity times the cost of θ.
  • If we assume air resistance is negligible.
  • Then the v(x ) component won’t change during the launch.
This a Mangonel catapult.
  • For Mangonel the formula is F=k(x)
  • The arm has to be at a 45॰angle
  • In order for the arm to throw the ball 5 meters

History of the Catapults

  • Mangonel made 400BC
  • It was invented by the Romans
  • overhead arch
  • At least 1,300 ft.
  • Trebuchet made400BC
  • maximum force
  • Rocks for throwing
  • Made to destroy walls
  • Cities it killed a lot of people

This video is an example of a Trebuchet.

This shows a example of a Mangonel

Qualitative Data

This is my Qualitative Data

Quantitative Data

This is my graph

My Diagram Photo

My catapult
  • Parts of my catapult.
  • 11 different brackets; 10 L brackets and one Hinge.
  • brackets hold the wood in place,reinforced screws; the hinge holds the arm in place.
  • wood that stops the arm at 45 degrees
  • bottom of the catapult there are 4 rubber feet
  • Counter weights hold the catapult down.
  • Moved spring to outer eye hooks
  • Added Bungee
  • Tested again
  • Added another Bungee
  • Tested again
  • Change the angel about 48 degrees
  • Changed holder for ball less depth

My Catapult Test Videos And Photos

This is my catapult


This is test number 2

This is test number 1


  • Spring/bungee stretched back equals more potential energy
  • When released compression potential energy turns into knit energy
  • launching the lever
  • transferred from spring to the arm into the tennis ball
  • Constructing my catapult the is trick was to find the proper length of the arm
  • Tension-spring or bungee best launching angle approx. 45 degrees

If you want to throw eggs and stuff at your siblings go build a catapult.


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