Pet tracker: Tagg Because we love our pets

Just put the collar into your dog and you will always know where is your best friend

Find Them Quickly If They Get Lost - The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker lets you set your pet's home zone and notifies you if they wander off using its award winning GPS location tracking system.

Nationwide Coverage - Tagg uses cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint your dog's location anywhere in the U.S.

Text & Email Alerts - On-demand notifications via app, text and email alerts when your pet gets out.

Maps & Directions - If you ever need it, Tagg provides maps and directions so you can find your pet quickly and easily.

Keep Them Healthy - Track your dog's activity and rest, getting key insights about their behavior and health

Air Temperature Sensor - Tagg monitors your pet's surroundings and alerts you when they get too hot or cold (feature released in Autumn 2015)

Dog Proof: 10-Day battery life, waterproof, and durable

Device requires a service plan as low as $6.95/month to be selected at activation

Created By
Linda Roude


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