Mercy Remodel By Jane Hearn

Mercy’s Iconic linoleum floor is being replaced. These floors give off a distinctly 50s vibe but soon they will be replaced by carpet. The carpet will give the school a more modern feel as will the many other changes Mercy’s administration plans to make to the building over the summer.

Currently the entrances to the technology room look like this. The lockers will be painted white. And the doorways will be ripped out and replaced with a graphic and adjoining doors leading into the technology rooms. When asked who had donated the money for this remodel Mr Driml said this, “We have a variety of generous donors throughout our community some wish to remain anonymous and we of course want to honor that but some names that I will tell you are Sal and Mary Kay Carta who donated the money for the technology labs to be remodeled.” Mary Kay used to go to a Mercy school in Council bluffs so she has a long history of being involved in the Mercy community.

This is what the Hallways will look like as well as the entrances to the technology rooms. Mr Driml said this about the remodel, “We are doing lockers there will be some painting and tile work done as far as the flooring goes it will have the look and feel of the academic success center. Some classrooms on the third and second floors will also be remodeled as well as the announcement system and the bell system.”

This is what the inside of the technology rooms will look like. In addition to the remodel there will also be new chairs and tables.

When school begins again in the fall Mercy will look very different. The second and third floors will look a lot more modern.

For more photoessays go to http://www.mercymonarchs.org/

For more photoessays go to http://www.mercymonarchs.org/