Summer Garden Quick steps to Success


Step One:

First, you must find the perfect spot in the sun preferably close to a hose or other water source.

Find a spot that is often sunny.

Step 2

Check your soil, make sure it is moist but not wet, and dig/rototill about 6-10 inches of the soil. If there are any dry clumps be sure to break them up. If you are using a raised bed be sure to get a potting mix or modified soil for it.

Make sure the soil is moist!

Step 3

It is time to plant your seeds! Plant your seeds based on the directions the packages give and lightly water the freshly planted seeds

Growing takes time, so don't be discouraged!

Step 4

Watering should be based on the soil dryness and the heat. Watering depends on the plant so be sure to read the directions carefully, but generally watering will happen more frequently when the seeds are young.


Tip 1

“Check the soil moisture often. Dig a small hole, look at the soil, and feel it with your fingers. When plants are small, dig 1–3" deep; for larger plants with deeper roots, such as mature tomatoes, dig 6–8". The soil at the bottom of the hole should be moist. If it is dry, you need to water” the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources said.

Tip 2

Be sure to remove any weeds as they will steal water and nutrients from the plants. Finally, adjust to the environment you are planting in and soon enough you’ll see your hard work pay off.

Tip 3

Invest in mulch to protect from harsh temperatures.


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