Kira Hamblin SPRING 2017: Art 200 Web Portfolio

Learning Experience

During this semester of intro photography I learned many new technical and conceptual skills that have challenged me to grow and expand my photography skills. During the course of this semester we have covered a variety of material including; the history of photography, manual operation of a DSLR camera, and multiple photoshop techniques. At the beginning of this course I had no experience working with photoshop or even operating a camera on manual mode. I was challenged during every class with a variety of assignments. During each class we were encouraged work with standard rules of photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, rule of thirds) in order to capture images that would be most pleasing to the eye.

I experience some difficulty using detailed techniques in photoshop. Many of the skill we used in photoshop took an extensive amount of time and attention to detail. One skill in particular, that I recall having trouble with was using the lasso and paint brush selection tool to cut out parts of images. This task proved to be far more difficult than expected. After completing the projects where we used these tools (DADA art collage and Narrative) I realized how much time perfect photoshop technique can take in order for the photo to look realistic and cleanly finished. I enjoyed finishing this semester with a project that incorporated everything we learned through the semester. I put all of my photography and photoshop skills together which really showed me the variety of skill I have gained during this class.


Skills Learned

After enrolling in this class I have the ability to demonstrate strong skills in both using a DSLR camera manually and a variety of photoshop techniques. I have become proficient in adjusting aperture settings, shutter speed settings, ISO settings and timer. I am also able to use a tripod and portrait screens while photographing certain subjects. During this class we learned all about different art movements, and applied them to our own photography projects. I have the conceptual ability to make images attractive to viewers eye by using certain camera angles and the rule of thirds. I also have a proficient ability to edit photos using Adobe Photo Shop. I am able to make levels, exposure and color balance adjustments to photos. I am able to use the selection tool (paint brush & lasso tools) in order to combine images for a collage. I am able to add a mask layer and overlay effect on images to add special effects. I am able to use the clone stamp tool to hide certain parts of images or clone an object so it appears more than once. There are times where lenses distort images in order to fix these distortions I am able to use the lense adjustment. I have gained many skills over the past semester and am excited to see where I can apply them in future careers.


A total of fifteen images of a single object that is larger than a person but smaller than a normal sized car. The viewer should have a hard time identifying the image.


Ten images that evoke one or multiple moods of surrealist photography (anger, aggression, desire, violence or erotism). Five of the following images were edited using solarization technique and five images were edited using composite imagery.

Documentary Scavenger Hunt

A total of ten images using street photography techniques to capture images that represent one of the following: passage of time, something is missing, human suffering, an insurmountable divide and contains a contradiction.

DADA Collage

A combination of images compiled together to resemble the DADA art age. In Paris, during the early 20th century the DADA art movement developed in reaction to capitalist society. This group of artists rejected the idea of logic and reason and instead worked to create art that resembles irrationality and nonsense.


Create a narrative using one person multiple times in an image. Use photoshop to correct lighting and make image look as realistic as possible.

Final Project

For this series of photographs I chose to focus on portraits of individuals. I believe that portraits can tell stories beyond what is pictured. I made the intentional decision to photograph all females, in order to spur discussions about feminism, identity and individuality. In order to increase the dialogue of the series I decided to have more than one figure in each photograph. The other figures in the pictures are of the same person and were shot at a high shutter speed to capture movement and leave out detail. There is only one figure in each photograph that is in focus, where the face is identifiable. This figure represents the identity that is conceived by society including race, gender, body type and social class. The figures that are out of focus and faded represent the subjects concept of individuality and personal identity, that is unnoticed by outside interpretation.

I did not want to incorporate a busy or loud background in order to focus the viewer's eye on the figures more than anything else. After capturing the photos I brought the image into photoshop in order to reveal all the figures in one image. I chose to fade the images in using a low opacity paint brush, I also corrected the exposure and levels of the image and desaturated the image in order to match the feeling that the individuals were displaying.

Interactions happen each day where people make immediate assumptions about people based on their outer appearance. I wanted to remind the viewer that every woman has a story and sense of self that a person on the outside is completely unaware of. I believe that this misconception is where a lot of misogyny stems from within our society.

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