Pat Mora jonathan sanders

  • Pat Mora is a bilingual Mexican-American poet, educator, and novelist.
  • She writes novels for adults, adolescents and kids.
  • She wrote during the Contemporary literary period
Her awards include:
  • Literary Legacy Award, 2010
  • National Hispanic Cultural Center Literary Award, 2006
  • Texas Writer Award, October 2015

Influential Historical Events

  • Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). It is intended to toughen U.S. immigration law. 1986
  • The National Hispanic Leadership Institue addresses the underrepresentation of Latinas in the corporate, nonprofit and political arena.



Class, status, privilege; the lives of rich tourists with the less fortunate people who serve them.


This poem focuses on Pat Mora, her siblings and their mother when they worked at this hotel and one day the sister wanted to go out to the beach but the mom told her that it wasn't their beach to go on.


  • Once my little sister ran barefoot across the hot sand for a taste.
  • My mother roared like the ocean, "No. No. It's their beach. It's their beach."


People are classified off of two things

  • What they have
  • And what they do for a living

If you don't have certain material things or if you work a job that's considered less than then you as a person will be classified as less than.


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