Boom to Bust 1920's to 1930's By: Gabriel Campos

African Americans in the 1920's/1930's

Home Life

In this picture it shows the condition of the African Americans family's in the 1930's, it still go bad after the great depression.
This is a picture of African American home life in the 1920's, it was really hard for them, as usual they could never stabilize at one place due to discrimination.

Leisure Time

This picture shows how the African Americans spent their leisure time in the 1930's. Jazz was a way for African Americans to come together and be happy and try to cover up the segregation.
Lots of African Americans spent their time playing sports and trying to become extreme athletes.

Economic Wellness and position

This shows the economic position and wellness of the African American people, most of them worked in mines, lodging companies, steel factories, most of the jobs that required allot of labor.
Most African Americans lived off of farming, it was the way they could feed their families and make money,it evolved quite a bit in the 1930's.

Role in government

This picture shows the Africans Americans fighting for their rights and trying to get an equal chance in society, 1930's
The African Americans had no political rights in the 1920's a big majority of the people in the government were part of the K.K.K

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