Movies In The 1960's and 1980's!! by maggie burgess

The Cold War was filled with many films about the war, but also had lots of comedies, drama's, and romances.

One film during the Cold War in the 1960's is Platoon. Platoon came out in 1986 and was directed and written by Oliver Stone, who fought in the Vietnam War. The film was produced by Arnold Kopelson. The genre of the movie is action and drama and is rated r. The film its about the war and soldier that narrates the story Stone saw war. The movies does not make the war look good, buts shows it in Stones perspective. Platoon is a movie about the war during the 1980's.

Top Secret is another movie made during the Cold War in the 1980's.The film was directed by Val Kilmer, and this was his first film. The film came out on June 8, 1984 and was a comedy. Top Secret was about a rock and roll singer that goes to east Germany to help rescue a scientist. This film makes fun of spy movies in WW2. The film Top Secret sounds like an interesting and exciting movie.

In 1960 during the Cold War Who Was That Lady came out. The film was directed by George Sidney and written by Norman Krasna. Who Was That Lady came out on April 8, 1960 and is a comedy and romance. The film was an hour and 55 minutes and was in Finland. The film was about this man that wants to please his wife so he pretends to be a spy , but the FBI get involved later. The film was nominated for two golden globe nominations. Who Was That Lady is a wonderful movie that came out during the Cold War.

Another movie the came out during the Cold War in the 1960's was The Cat Burgular. This film directed by William Whitney and written by Leo Gordon. It can in July of 1961 and was English and made in USA. The Cat Burgular was a drama and was 65 minutes. The film is about a man that steals this briefcase that has a secret formula in it but this man doesn't know that. So a scientist and a spy try to get the formula back. The Cat Burgular sounds like a great movie to see.

The Cat Burglar
Who Was That Lady?
Top Secret!

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