WOMEN IN ACTION SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY An Interview on how it started...

Maybe you want to know the background of "Women in Action Sports Photography". As nobody else was around I did a little interview with myself to help out...
All photos: © Madlaina Walther

Could you present yourself? Who are you and who/what is "Women in Action Sports Photography"?

Yes, of course I can! My name is Madlaina Walther, I live remote in the Swiss Alps and work part time as a photographer, mainly in the field of sport events. "Women in Action Sports Photography" is a project I already had on my mind for quite some time. Before working as a photographer I studied sports science and I am still working in this field too. Questions of gender and feminism made a big part of my bachelor and master thesis. When I felt a lack of creativity in my daily work I remembered that I always wanted to be a photographer as a child. The aesthetics of sports related pictures were the most fascinating for me and with my background in sports it was kind of obvious where I wanted to go...

You can find more information about me and some of my pictures on: www.madlainawalther.com

Has there been a special experience to found this page?

Well, I always felt that I don't see many women when I'm working as a sports photographer. But it was eye-opening when I stayed at the Crankworx Innsbruck in June 2017 and realized all of a sudden that I was literally the only female photographer out on the course...! I really had to think about this for some moments and might have missed some shots!

What is action sports photography?

I don't think there is an exact definition of this term. For me, it's related to freestyle and lifestyle sports, such as mountain biking, freeride skiing, skateboarding and so on. These are sports which demand a creative approach of the athlete. On the other hand, action sports photography for me is also related to the photographer's approach: how does she/he use light, what emotions should be transferred, how creative is she/he? In this sense you can also shoot yoga like an action sport...

What goals do you have with your page "Women in Action Sports Photography"?

On this page I would like to share informations about women working as action sports photographers, give some insights, discuss thoughts about this topic, inspire other women and connect to interested people.

Why do you think aren't there many female action sports photographers?

To find the reasons is also a goal of my new page. Reasons I think about so far are: it's really tiring to carry all the necessary equipment – sometimes even while performing the sport yourself (this could change a bit with new mirrorless cameras), there are hardly any role models and in general there are not so many women in the whole action sports industry...

More informations on: https://www.facebook.com/womeninactionsportsphotography/

Charlie Harrison on the very dry Crankworx Downhill track, 2017
Thomas Genon seen at the Mons Royale Dual Speed and Style At Crankworx Innsbruck, 2017
Amir kabbani at Crankworx Innsbruck, 2017
The Drop and Roll Tour signing autographs at the Urban Bike Festival Zürich, 2017
Billy Whitfield on his flatland BMX bike, 2016
Jugde doing his thing at the Engadin Snow by dakine Freeride World Qualifier, 2017
Riders checking the face for Engadin Snow by dakine Freeride World Qualifier, 2017
Tom Kalcher at the Engadin Snow by dakine Freeride World Qualifier, 2017
Janick Staub at the Engadin Snow by dakine Freeride World Qualifier, 2017
Climbers on the Arête des Cosmiques, Chamonix, 2017
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