Nate's Amazing Poems By Nate Coruccini


I know you are out there

I see you every day

I see you everywhere

when doing the things I love

when I close my eyes

in that one person

You are out there

You drive me to do the things I love

You shine high

Like migrating ducks

On that 12 point buck heading into the orchard

Sittin on up in side

Rollin down a country road

Leavin that trail of smoke

On the face of every ole country love song

I wouldn’t have it any other way



You are everything

You are horsepower

Your Size and Weight

Your GPA

Your grade level

Your own intelligence

The wealth on has

You are

One's strength

Their speed

And agility

My health

My agility

My maturity

One’s self

Your stereotypes

Childhood Pa

He is driven to nature

The love of animals

And taking their lives

For their plentiful nutrients

With his good bud

Enjoying all nature offers

And each other's

Company, time, convos

Both enjoying the beauty

Fresh fish

Straight from the lake

A prized dinner

To keep them alive

To see another day

Nature, friends, animals

What else did they need

Social poem

Write a poem she says

First we choose them

Write a poem about

On how you are measured

Bring in an old photo

Write a poem on that

Why the confused class asks

I want you to express yourself

She claims

Oh how frightened I am

To open up to someone

That I can’t trust

That argues my opinion

Why is it that

Allowed to swear


No filters

She says

Brain to paper

So I do as I am told

The days pass

There I stand

In the office

For doing what she asked

It is because they

Don’t agree I was

Asked to do it I did

And I get in trouble

Makes it hard

To express one’s self

I am at a loss


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