Seeing Double Cloning Cells and dna

Bacteria is able to clone itself by splitting into two when they get bigger. This is the same process scientist use when splitting cells to clone animals.
Dolly the sheep was the first cloned mammal by researchers from Roslin Institute in the United Kingdom. Since then we have gained knowledge on how to clone other mammals like dogs, cats, and even sea urchins.
While cloning may seem like the coolest thing ever, some people disagree. Imagine you are walking in New York. This city is already busy as can be with traffic and tons of people. Cloning would make us humans be able to live longer because we would be able to clone organs or tissue needed to survive. This would make for an overcrowding city.
Food would become a big issue since we would be able to live longer and there would be more people. All of our favorite foods would be used up because we wouldn't be able to make enough of it.
Ethnic groups have also came to fight the cause by ruling it is unethical and is not that natural way to live life. They also say that if you were a kid that was cloned you would be looked at differently than others.
Twins are like cloning because they share the same set of DNA. So the next time you see twins, I guess you could think of them as clones.


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