LOCI PHOTOGRAPHY by Pro-Photographer, Yolandi Jacobsz

Photography has never been...for me - about how good you got a shot, technically. You have to feel it, you have to know - with categorical certainty, that your whole being was poured into your project. The result will speak loudly then...

The Lume Cube project was skillfully put together with a built rig, using only constant lights, hand-making all costumes and- accessories, and logistically making sure 11 shoots, 10 models, and 8 makeup artists would happen.

The professional lighting equipment range, Broncolor, contacted me to see what I can achieve with their Siros range in studio.

About Yolandi Jacobsz - the owner of Loci Photography

My name is Yolandi Jacobsz - proud owner of Loci Photography. I'm a portrait photographer who has been fortunate enough to work all over South Africa for various projects- and shoots. My shoots always include the very best part of myself - my bursting-out-of-its-seems creativity. I always, but always strive to bring the audience a visual product that make them look-, and have it linger in their visual library long after they've seen my work. I'm a proud Lume Cube and Peak Design ambassador, and have done various collaborations with some industry professionals; it's a mission to blow people away.
Loci's family visuals, are aimed at imitating art, whilst still capturing emotion.

Throughout the decade of working in the photography industry, it has been an important part of my philosophy to give back, to bring the industry-professionals together, and to keep my work of the highest quality. I have always wanted any normal shoot, to be pushed to a higher limit, to up the quality even more, to wow an audience... Posing, making a concept work and lighting a shot well for impact and emotion, comes easy, it's natural, it's an inner magic - for which I am truly thankful for. I'm known for producing quality, and just giving that something different that helps to add to the industry's pro-status.

Featured articles, forums and websites

Proudly appeared, featured in: Dekat, Beeld, Rapport, Mail & Guardian, Dossier Magazine, QPmag, Sarie, Kuier Magazine, Mango In-flight Magazine, Huisgenoot, Top Billing, Kyknet

Featured articles, forums and websites
"Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak to most universally understood language." - Walt Disney
Loci's studio work, with various models for beauty-conceptual and portfolios, as well as speaking events, such as our annual Photo and Film Expo.
Underwater work with Brother Housing

Contact Information

Email: yolandi@lociphotography.co.za

Contact: +27 82 333 7310

Created by pro-photographer, Yolandi Jacobsz

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