Bayelle hail bailey and ellie

Our mission is to have a escape for people who want to just escape life and be worry-less. You will always be free and have a fun time in Bayelle. But remember to always hail Bailey and Ellie.

Haters are not allowed.

No lying (under certain exceptions)

Be kind to everyone

ABSOLUTELY no homework.

No weapons

No stealing

No loitering

No annoying sounds

No soliciting

No killing

Bayelle is located in the MaLdIveS. It is located in the Maldives, because we believe that a calming and clean surrounding will help to reinforce our rules and expectations.

Living in Bayelle, you have to get at least 5 hours of sleep each night. We feel sleep is important for all ages. Our citizens will wake up and go about their daily activities. Every citizen will have to participate in at least 2 hours of service every week. Children ages 6-17 will have to be apart of an education program and go to some sort of education for 8 hours every week.

Our Government will be a Democracy-Republican. We want it to be a Democracy-Republican Government because we believe it is important to have our citizens choose the way they want to live. They should get to choose the laws and rules that are established in Bayelle.

People are going to come live in Bayelle, because well first, who wouldn't want to live in a land where you get to choose how you live and you can be free and do what you want as long as you follow the necessary expectations. People will want to be free and live in a land where they can feel safe and be free.

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