Safety and Hygiene PhUong, Taya & Arsheeta


It is important to always be safe and hygienic in the kitchen. The main reasons are:

  • (Hygienic)To avoid food poisoning. For example, if you are cooking with raw meat or chicken it is important to use different equipment or wash the utensils before using it for other foods. It can cause cross contamination which is bacteria from raw chicken and meat as can cause salmonella.
  • ( Safety)To prevent any accidents from happening. While cutting you must always hold the knife and place your hands correctly using the spider grip. Doing this will ensure safety in cooking.
  • ( Safety)To ensure no one falls or trips in the kitchen, the floor must be kept clean. Wipe and clean up spills immediately to avoid slips and falls in the kitchen. Keep floor dry at all times.

These are some types of foods.

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