College Street Style Joseph flitton

Joseph Flitton, a freshman pursuing a double major in Political Science and Classics sported a light-wash denim jacket from H&M thrown overtop a blue and white striped shirt from J. Crew paired with darker denim from H&M and boots from Clarks. When searching for a single word to encapsulate his style, Flitton went with "classic" explaining that he tends to stay away from fleeting trends in exchange for a look that will remain timeless.

"I would describe my style as classic. I feel like I try not to get too caught up in the big trends that come and go quickly. I like to pick clothes that will look good for a while when I go to buy things."

Flitton also prefers to keep things more traditional when choosing how to shop for clothing, normally doing the majority of it in-store. "I hate shopping online. Most of my basics are from J.Crew and H&M but I like to find my more interesting clothes in surf shops when I'm out in California."

Flitton went on to underline that by putting just a bit more effort in, one of a kind pieces can be found. "I feel like there are a lot of really unique brands in those smaller California shops if you look hard enough." He also plans to get his hands on a pair of overalls once he manages to find the right pair for a rather interesting reason. "I have been on the hunt for a pair of really cool slim fit overalls. I wore overalls every day when I was five, and I've waited forever to find a really good pair."

"I feel like I have a pretty reserved personality so I tend to wear a lot of really classic, subtle patterns and colors."

Since trends are primarily viewed as anything but classic, Flitton came away with only one he could think of which he is fond of that has been around for quite a while. "I'm a huge fan of rolling up the sleeves on short sleeve t-shirts and button-downs. I think it adds a stylish touch to something really basic."

On the other hand, a look which has been taking the men's fashion-sphere by storm lately remains unattractive to Flitton. "I really don't like oversized or baggy clothes. I am a big believer in buying clothes that fit, they always look better."

The largest influence on Flitton's style comes from a background in competitive sailing, a sport he can thank for not only giving him a sense of style, but a sense of identity as well. "When I was younger I didn't really know where I fit in, but when I was 13 I started sailing. That was really the first time I felt like I had an identity, so I really embraced nautical styles. Anything with blue and white "sailor" stripes or an anchor are really hard for me to pass up because to me it reperesents a huge part of how I found my place in the world."

This kind of nautical theme abounds in Flitton's personal style, manifesting itself in everything from his choice of a largely blue color palette to his unique jewelry. An anchor design is seen etched into the face of his silver ring while the anchor shape is turned into a unique bracelet design which he sports on the opposite wrist. Both anchor inspired pieces are from Miansai and the watch is from Brooks Brothers.

A sense of self is crucial when it comes to fashion and luckily Flitton was able to find a style identity which boasts the perfect balance between self-expression and class. "I think that style is one of the best ways to express yourself and the more meaning you put into what you wear, the more confident in your style you are."

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