Ngoma Yami Treatment

Visual Journey Summery

This song from Destruction Boyz called "Ngoma Yami" feat artists such as 'Danger' and 'Efelow' is the apitome of south african dance music, the gqom influence song makes listeners easily relate to the song and start dancing along to it and can easinly associate with the lyrics. Those fundimental things have made us go for a visual journey which will focus on the dance associated with gqom music and the various south african cultures either from a traditional perspective or a modern perspective. The whole video will be shot in a white and black wall studio where we will focus on the dancers, artists and various african objects or figures people can relate to.

The Aesthetic goal

The music video will be all shot in a white wall and black wall studio which will be interchanging throughout the video, we have chosen to do this because we want the viewers to focus on the dancers and the artists in this video, we aim to show the viewers who and what the duo of distruction boyz stand for, not having a busy background will ensure the audiences have their full attention on the visuals.

Various scenes

Destruction Boyz

This is a reference of the ''Destruction Boyz'' scene in the video. The two will be seen standing behind DJ decks, from time. Other scenes of them will consist of each one of them standing still on the side while the other shows off their dance moves.


The image seen here is a refernce for Efelows scene, he will be placed alone performing to camera as strobe lights darken the room and illuminate it through out his verse. His key light will be strobing as well so a to depict him in silhouette form in various cut-aways through the video.


The image behind here is the reference for dangers scene, we will see Danger sitting on a brown leather chair performing to camera, the same lighting set up and sequence expalined in 'Efelows' reference will take place in Dangers scene.

The extras and performers throughout the video.

In this video we will call for gqom dancers, kwaito dancers, Zulu traditional dancers and abstract street dancers.

Their scenes will consist of single shots dancing to camera and also group shots of them performing to camera, each dance crew will fourth their best dancer to strut their stuff then the individual group members will join in, the lighting for this will go from a well lit character to a silhouetted character.

Lighting references throughout the video


We plead that everyone who will be on camera a full black and full white outfit.

Thank you we await for any input you have.

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