Grandma's Story Starring Sophy & Gunner

Idk - Mom & Dad said she has these episodes- I'm just along for the ride
Are we their yet?

Hey Mommie-- he's kinda cute- can we take him home?

Ahhhhhhh - he's Baaaaaack!

Maybe if I just pretend I don't see him- he'll go away

Are we their yet?

Ohhhhh ya - we got him mom!

Ewwwww weee caaaaacoooooeeeeee

Is he still there?

~~~And so it goes like this----Once upon a time there were two naughty teenagers --- who fell in love--- & what came next would change our lives forever In a good way, but of course~~~~

My hand isn't small-- her stomach is. Swollen
Am I really doing this
I don't always sleep when I drive - but when I do πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌthis happens
Close your eyes !

And so it came to pass- May 9, 2013 while all the world was asleep- there were four crazy women and a Mommy to be and let's not forget my son- he was there on the phone - as he couldn't be there in person - but he did the best he could - as we huddled together in the tiny hospital room - there was screaming, crying, and occasionally Lori wld make a sound and we watched in awe as her Mom hit the ground - it was so surreal the way it made me feel ! I waited 9 long mos. with an array of emotions- from excitement, anticipation to down right as if our girl was playing peek a boo! I saw her black hair - then back in she would go- then we all yelled to Mommy - C'mon ! just one more push! It seemed like forever as I felt I'd explode if I could just snatch her up and stop the fire that was burning my soul! And Finally it happened - no more games - she was here ! Oh my Dear Sweet Jesus - Our ANGEL has appeared! Oh the indescribable love! The Joy! The happiness ! Yet still in the deep recesses of my mind - I felt uneasy- and the fear started t grow- omg - will this one be mine? Unconditionally ? Will she be taken from me? Should I get close? Oh my God memories began to taunt and haunt - I became very afraid - oh how could so much joy bring so much pain-

And after that night - and until my Angel went home I stayed by her side but I felt so alone- I was so sad, so torn, so alone. I fought with myself for a few mos after she was born I couldn't bare to know I may lose her one day. And so I tried my best to run away. Then one night - it finally hit me, this pain isn't leaving so I told myself - get up- take a chance - your hurting anyways, and My daughter probably was thinking I didn't love that little Angel- it is hard to explain what I went through before- but she took me in with open arms . She promised me she'd never hurt me through our little girl. And for this I love her (my daughter in law) her heart is beautiful - and that's all I see and ohh now I'm crying let's end this one happy !!!!

Angel #1
Can you say -- Zombie
My daddy's blind - please be kind
Hehhehehehehe - Mommy I love picking up men with you !
Ohhhhhh shiiiittt - he thinks I'm the star!!!! Mommmmmmy!!!!!
Ok one more- cause I'm a lady- but you try to take my flower again and I'll eat your cheek
Say what?! Another baby!
It's a dog eat dog life
And this is how Gumbie got caught wearing blue
Don't push it- I wore the dress
Where's the potty?
He loves me, he loves me not, He LOVES ME!
Yes I know I'm adorable

This little girl has mended hearts, brought the strongest to their knees, turned hate to love, brought families together, saved a life, and now for the miracles she's performed ----

She walks on Water - She Hangs the Moon- She turns crumbs into never ending Food- She's moved men with a single bat of an eye- and opened wallets that were sealed shut for all eternity- Shes made the Mute Talk- The coldest Heart Melt- she barks orders to the strongest of the human race and not only do they obey , they do,it with a smile-

Oh yes this little girl is our prodigy - I don't know how she did it - or what special power she posses - but the spell I am under - may it live forever !!! I know, I know I will never love again!

Then it happened - February 10, 2013 - My Gunny is here ! My emotions have fled- I've wrapped myself tighter around Sophy - it's hard to explain- I'm not real sure that I can, but I will try - as the days go by Sophy she is being mean to her brother what do I do...... There goes a spanking across my angels behind --- oh the tears - And Sophy hurts too-she feels abandoned, and a little jealous too. She no longer has Mommy all to herself she will have to share and she's still a baby herself.

Then one day My Son said what I needed but dreaded to hear - I was showing favoritism to Sophy and this I had feared - I knew I loved my Grandson- I just didn't know how to show it without upsetting Sophy- and I should have known I was hurting my Son and my daughter but more than that I was hurting my Gunny -

And now I know My Love is the same for them both I just needed that little push and Thank God it came before My Gunny got old enough to start resenting me. I'm so lucky - lucky and very loved - I have children that feel they can tell me when they think I am wrong - Not that their always right , but at least they can speak their peace and we can work it out. Wow , I am a good Parent. And I have Good Sons. And Flawless Grandchildren 😝😝😝😝. Jk jk

My Tank

Then it happened - of course not over night– but my little Gunner bombarded my heart - just as his sissy did right from the start ! He played it cool and caught me off guard and planted that venomous kiss right upon his grammar lips- I knew I'd been beat- and my heart was on my sleeve- as he moved in for the steal - ohhhhhh my I knew I was in trouble with my Sophy, but I had lost all defenses - this time it was over- she'd have to share- my Gunny wasn't going anywhere - he stood his ground - and looked at his sister as if to say - you've been defeated - she's my Grams too - so you'll have to make due - and so I scooped them both up- well, with a little help- and fell to the couch with the loves of my life ---What a wonderful life - as I sat in Awe reminiscing about days gone by- & how did I make it this long without these two?
And they lived Happily Ever after ! Lol My kids and ME!
Created By
Kaleena Martinez

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