Social-Cognitive Perspective

I was always a happy child growing up. I was rarely ever in a bad mood, and my parents were always thankful for that. According to the biophysical approach, having a calm, optimistic temperament when I was little affected how I am now. I am still a very positive person, and the only time that changes is when certain social contexts change.
When I was four years old, my older cousins were playing baseball outside, and I wanted to join them. Even though I had never played before, I grabbed a bat and asked them to pitch it to me. They were apprehensive, but I encouraged them to because I thought I could do it. But when they threw the ball to me, I swung and missed and it hit me in the head (As you can see by the large bump on my forehead in this picture)! I had a sense of excessive optimism and I was blind to the risk of getting hurt.

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