Savoir Beds were first created for The Savoy Hotel in 1905, where for over 100 years luminaries as diverse as Sir Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe have experienced the cloud-like comfort they provide. Hand-made in the UK, the finest natural materials and skilled craftsmanship combine to create the ultimate sleeping system.

The Regent Suite features the Savoir No. 1, the same version found in the Royal Suite of The Savoy Hotel. With more than 80 hours of a master craftsman’s time on the upholstery floor, combined with the detailed work put in by the cutter, seamstress and joiner, the total time invested is over 120 hours. The mattress — topped with a panel of high-tech stretch cotton fabric — is filled with extra-deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse-tail hair and double layers of carded lambs’ wool. Its frame of hardwood beech has several unique features, such as dovetail joints and a flexible, hand-tied cane edge.

Combining perfectly balanced support with ultimate comfort — this bed is certainly for those who appreciate the very best things in life.

Along With Your Exclusive King-Size Savoir Bed,

You Will Also Enjoy …

A heavenly, 100% down mollissima duvet, crafted with Icelandic new eiderdown.

A set of double Touch of down™ Bed Pillows with double the amount of soft, luxurious down on the outside and resilient, small whole feathers on the inside for a more comfortable touch. The feathers are Hyperclean® Down, free of dust, dirt and allergens and are encased with Barrier Weave™ fabrics and special finishing to keep the feathers in place.

The finest dressings for your Savoir Bed

A bed this remarkable requires extraordinary bedding. Personalize the dressings that will make you the most comfortable while your body is perfectly cradled.


Choose from four exquisite bedding selections for your Savoir Bed.

Sustainably stylish and always refined, our Bamboo bedding collection combines pesticide free organic cotton with the remarkable softness of rayon made from bamboo for a superior sleeping experience.

60% Rayon from Bamboo, 40% Organic Cotton; T- 300

Exceptionally soft, our Lisse bedding is crafted from 70% cotton and 30% tencel for a superb sleeping experience. Delicate hemstitching adorns each collection piece with decorative circular shapes for a style that is eff ortlessly elegant.

70% Cotton, 30% Tencel, T- 300

Super soft and gorgeous hues spreads the bed in the comforting touch and relaxed, worn-in style of pure linen.

Crafted in Portugal. 100% Linen

Indulge in superb comfort and luxe sophistication. Each cotton sateen collection piece has been finely crafted in Italy and features intricate hemstitch details.

Crafted in Italy. 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen with Italian Hemstitch, T-1000

Rest your head and relax your mind

Your perfect pillow will help you rest and recharge. We understand that this is a very personal preference, which is why we went to great lengths to provide you with an excellent variety of fine pillows made from the best materials.


Choose from five pillow selections to complement your Savoir Bed.

Featuring a custom-designed contoured memory foam with therapeutic gel core insert; this pillow’s gel core dissipates body heat, reducing perspiration, airway obstruction, and muscle spasms, as well as poor circulation.

Size 20" x 30"

Its water-filled inner cushion regulates temperature and adjusts firmness with desired amount of warm or cold water. Hydrostatic buoyancy provides natural support, reducing stress and pressure on face, neck, muscles, ligaments, vessels and nerves.

Size 20" x 30"

This custom-made memory foam pillow will contour to your shape. Cozy, stable and responsive head and neck support for proper sleep posture, reduced muscle tension and improved blood circulation.

Size 20" x 30"

Its natural, hypoallergenic buckwheat hull filling with soft 75% cotton and 25% polyester covering is ideal for guests with down and synthetic fiber allergies. The triangular-shaped buckwheat hulls allow constant air circulation for cool, dry comfort.

Size 20" x 30"

This unique three-sided supportive foam core with soft, breathable cover provides ergonomic support for various sleeping positions with proper head, neck and spine alignment, reducing headaches, snoring, insomnia and lumbar pain.

Size 22" x 16"


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